Do you need to join two shafts together? Do you need to connect your motor to a drive shaft? How about an engine to a pump? Sounds like you’re in the market for a shaft coupling. Akron Bearing has many different types of couplings for almost any application imaginable. From simple rigid sleeve couplings, flexible elastomeric couplings, and even heavy duty gear and grid type couplings, Akron Bearing has the answer.

Here’s a list of a few of the coupling types we have to offer:

  • Rigid
  • Chain
  • Jaw (Maurey, IDC Select, Martin, TB Woods, QM/Timken QuickFlex)
  • Elastomeric
        T. B. Woods Sure Flex, Martin QuadraFlex
        Rexnord Omega
  • Gear (System Components, Falk, KopFlex, etc.)
  • Grid (Kop-Grid, Falk Steelflex, TB Woods Form Flex, etc.)
  • Disc (Thomas, KopFlex KD, etc.)
  • Universal Joints (SKF, Torque)
  • Many, many others!

Akron Bearing can help you replace your existing coupling our of our impressive inventory or that of our many manufacturers, or we can help to design a new coupling to fit your needs. Stop by or call us today!

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